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Three Black Lakes
Graphite, ink and marker pen on paper in three parts. 
198,5 x 330 cm
Inv. Nr. 13

Born in 1969 in Ashdod, Israel
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Tel Aviv, Israel

Yehudit Sasportas graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem in 1999 and represented Israel at the 2007 Venice Biennale. She works indiscriminately with drawing, painting, sculpture, and architecture to build up what she calls “mental landscapes”. She depicts nature rendered in precise black and white tones, using different sources of representational concepts of nature, ranging from media images to the German Romantic tradition of landscape painting or oriental silk rolls.

In the triptych Three Black Lakes, the representation of a luxuriant forest, which is her recurrent pattern, is opposed to a vertically oriented background consisting of a fine grid of lines. The artist is constantly breaking the flow of the drawing’s discourse by shifting perspectives, mirroring the different parts and connecting clearly representational elements with abstract components. Her aesthetic research is achieved when entropy, chaos and structure become harmonious. Her fabricated representations of nature take up the question of the natural and the artificial, at a time when the expanded possibilities of genetics and computer science change human attempts to create.