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Pomeranz Collection - A private collection of contemporary art based in Vienna, Austria

The collection established in 2007 is dedicated to the constitution of a body of artworks at a museum level. Its main intention is to be actively involved in the promotion and international dimension of contemporary art.
The collection brings together artists and contemporary works of all mediums. Parts of the artworks are first being displayed in the FTC Capital GmbH Company’s building, with the intention of providing opportunities to share them with a wider public via the website and travelling exhibitions. A true passion for art animated Jana and Eduard Pomeranz, who initiated the Collection. Moreover, it reflects a constant interest in the Zeitgeist and proves an increasing knowledge in the field of the avant-garde. Simultaneously, the personality of Jana and Eduard Pomeranz is reflected in the spirit of their choices. The Pomeranz Collection examines art as a cross-border index, across generations and across geographies. Several guidelines shine through the inventory of the collection: a strong interest in the intelligent forms expressed in minimal and conceptual art, both in its historical examples and in current updates, a focus on the performative aspects of the key figures of recent art history, an increased attention for the eastern avant-garde, a sensitivity to storytelling and a willingness to show issues related to history and memory. The website is a virtual window on the collection as it exists today and will be constantly updated as new purchases are made.