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Compressed Household
Household content and scaffolding post
300 x 500 x 100 cm
Inv. Nr. 106

Born in 1969 in Jerusalem, Israel
Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

Sigalit Landau, who graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem in 1995 and was taught by Hans Haacke at the Cooper Union in New York, has produced several works that explore her native Israeli landscape in a performative way, through videos and installations. Her multimedia installation projects deal with transformations, history and memory. They comment on the social and political implications of the notion of territory and remain focused on two main principles: the human body and the human sub-being. In the nineties, she made a series of tents and shelters which offered no protection, but bore the marks of destruction and conflict, as seen among communities which cannot achieve social integration and are left adrift, as in Landau’s native country, Israel. Compressed Household, as part of this body of works, uses original material from her parents’ home, and literally presses it together with memories, held by a scaffolding post standing in delicate equilibrium.