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Oil, acrylic and charcoal on canvas
161 x 196 cm
Inv. Nr. 199

Born in 1978 in Baia Mare, Romania
Lives and works in Bucharest, Romania

Mircea Suciu studied painting at the Cluj Art School in Rumania where he currently teaches. Suciu started his career focusing on the history of visual representation with an emphasis on the human figure that explores questions of identity and isolation. Using images taken from 1940's and 1950's American advertisement, Suciu isolates figures, strips away backgrounds and reduces the bold palette of the original ads to seductive monochromes. These early paintings emphasize a sense of alienation. Characters are presented looking into boxes, holes and windows, hiding their faces from the spectator.

Ghost is part of a new creational cycle in which the artist occults human presence focusing on creating indefinite spaces. Using a black and white chiaroscuro, the painting depicts a big dark curtain suspended in space illuminated by a beam of light. On the surface of the drape suggestive undefined shapes are open to interpretation, and induce a subtle sensation of mystery. Ghost evokes theatre and at the same time a flag and a phantom, as well as a Maya veil that prevents the viewer from seeing what is behind it. Generally, Suciu’s work subtly alludes to the dictatorial politic censure of his nation, and in particular, this curtain is a referent to the iron curtain, lying between the animate and the inanimate, the lightness of Ghost’s curtain reflects on the heaviness of the iron curtain.