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Duochrome (trace)
Medium: gesso acrylic, graphite
190 x 130 cm (74.8 x 51.18 in)
Unique work
Inv. Nr. 189

Born in Lisbon in 1973
Lives and works in France

For ten years, Diogo Pimentão seeks to open the horizon of the drawing and its conventions to other dimensions, other processes and other tools. The act of drawing involves a relationship with him close to the body choreography, which determines the scale of the work: papers mechanically bent by hand to the major compounds of monochrome black lines drawn by the body in motion.
Therefore, the paper or the wood surface no longer appears as flat surface but as a flexible plan, foldable, stretchable, may become volume. Tools (graphite, stones, bones, paper) are shown on the same plane as the designs they have helped to achieve. Conversely, the drawing can itself become an instrument (music) or material (to make other drawings).
The drawing is not directly produced by a decision; it is a literal demonstration of a process as for Duochrome (trace). The drawings are adjacent to the tools used to achieve but also residues they produced (deposition of graphite, coloured lines crossed scotch, ghosts paper cut ...).
The work of Pimentão refuses any hierarchy between drawing and sculpture, intent and improvisation. With its derivatives or its effects it is like a constant game of the views, a language, in attempt to be define.