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Peacocks (video stills)
16:9 digital video, colour, sound
Edition 1/4
Inv. Nr. 73

Born in 1977 in Tel Aviv, Israel
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Keren Cytter is an artist and a writer who recently created the theatre group D.I.E. (Dance International Europe) Now. She graduated from the Avni Institute in Tel-Aviv in 1999 and the Ateliers in Amsterdam in 2004. In her short films, she explores various social realities dealing with love, friendship, sex, jealousy, violence, through a playful experimentation with structures and narratives and subverting classical storytelling methods (crossed non-linear stories, repeated scenes with inversion of the actors’ roles, voice-over modifications and alternative dialogues). Peacocks, a series of five fragmented chapters, explores the memory of a failed sexual relationship. It deals with hate that comes out of love, through cycles of word games, photographs and poetic clichés, concentrating on the physical display of a male character: “It’s your cock, she wants to see your cock. I want you to beg. I want you to cry. I wish you were dead.”