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Entwurf für Eine Komposition im Vertikalen
Colour chalk on paper
43,5 cm x 55,5 cm
Inv. Nr. 31

Born in 1943 in Bronxville, New York, USA
Died in 2003 in New York City, New York, USA

During the sixties, Fred Sandback studied philosophy at Yale University before entering the Yale School of Art and Architecture where he studied sculpture and met Donald Judd and Robert Morris. In 1981, the Dia Art Foundation opened a museum dedicated to his work, the Fred Sandback Museum in Winchendon, Massachusetts, which lasted until 1996. From the end of the sixties, Fred Sandback created sculptures that had no insides, while he found the means to, in his own words, “assert a certain place or volume in its full materiality without occupying or obscuring it.” His sculptures are made of coloured elastic cord, metallic wire and, in his mature work, acrylic yarn, which is stretched between different points on the walls, ceilings and floors in order to draw the outlines of geometrical figures in the space. The shadows produced by the strings reinforce the completion process of a virtual form. Sandback’s work is elaborated according to the phenomenological experience of space, by refusing to enclose a physical volume, thus rejecting one of the traditional aspects of sculpture. The artist broaches the notion of in situ, that he defines in a specific way. Each piece is conditioned by its exhibiting context and is limited by the architectonics of the area it inhabits, but never stems from it. The work and the space coexist. The drawings are preparatory designs for the “lines” exhibited in specific locations.