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24 wall-mounted speakers, computer and 12 stereo amplifiers
Dimensions variable
Edition 3/3, CF 64
Inv. Nr. 56

Born in 1968 in Karachi, Pakistan
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

In her poetic and rigorously minimalist work, Ceal Floyer, who graduated from Goldsmiths College in London in 1994, breaks down the semiotics of everyday signals, particularly as they are expressed through the ambiguities of language. “There’s a fine line between making sense of the world and making nonsense of it,” she says. Often suffused with a distinctly wry sense of humour, Floyer’s works have an offbeat quality, with the dialectical tension inherent in commonplace representation being inserted into revelatory notional compositions. In Scale, the artist exploits the dual meanings of the title itself, verb and noun, as speakers serially mounted to recreate escalating steps play the sound of footsteps ascending and descending. The footsteps scale the speakers, while the speakers play back a new kind of “scale” – liminal rather than musical. The bare simplicity of the installation, with the speakers acting as cold, perfect channels of delivery physically turned on their sides, typifies the figurative turning, re-examining and combining of the stimuli with which the world bombards us and which, up till now, were unremarkable.