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Onkel Bonbon
Oil, metallic spray, enamel and glitter on canvas
120 x 100 cm
Inv. Nr. 50

Born in 1953 in Dortmund, Germany
Died in 1997 in Vienna, Austria

The German painter, sculptor, performer, photographer and novelist Martin Kippenberger is a singular, irreverent and prolific personality of late twentieth century art, leader of a generation of “bad boy” German artists including Markus and Albert Oehlen, Georg Herold and Günter Förg. He painted with an impulsive gusto, which marked his whole career, and every aspect of his practice was a self-contained act of decadence, designed to add to the myth of the artist as a whole. Masterpieces of art history were as influential in his work as were trivial and subcultural references. He used radically different styles of painting ranging from photorealist painting to neo-expressionism, also borrowing from graffiti and traditional avant-garde painting. He died prematurely and the recognition of his work has been growing since then. Onkel Bonbon (Sweet Uncle) presents a perverse reality referring to child abuse, in which the giant candy glowing in a playground is betrayed by the shadow that reveals its Machiavellian nature.