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oil on linen
210 x 190 cm
Inv. Nr. 198

Born 1981 in Tehran, Iran
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California, USA

Tala Madani is a provocative and humoristic painter interested on cultural and sexual identity. Her work has an alienating quality that metamorphoses into a mix of mockery and empathy that never completely discloses its intentions. Even Madani’s most legible scenarios are unruly and mysterious. Middle eastern men are often the protagonists of her work, and she mercilessly depicts their vulnerability, reversing the stereotype of the male painter that objectifies the female body. From a woman’s perspective, there is some relief in turning against itself the often-subliminal perception of the male point of view as a gender-neutral one. Madani’s sense of humour is as palpable as the violence depicted in her paintings, and perhaps this is what rescues her work from being read as a Western feminist manifesto.

An inefficient squad of suicide bombers is the protagonist of Nosefall. The terrorists probably have never left the ground. The entire squad is in fact prone to a massive nosebleed attack. The Iranian-American artist uses caricatured exaggerations to depict the group of men: their prostate exam poses ironically invoke sexually submissive positions while phallic parachutes and pink girly uniforms enhance the ridiculous scene. The terrorists become humiliated hostages of Madani’s composition, trapped in the cartoonish aesthetics of flat patterns and hurried sketching.