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Free Range Bitches
Mixed media
119,3 x 55,8 x 50,8
Inv. Nr.172

Born in 1981 in Indiana, USA & 1981 in Texas, USA
Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA

Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch are two young American artists based in Los Angeles. They work together since the mid 2000s inventing a new form of collective creation where the function of each depends on the given project.
Working between film, installation and sculpture, the artists draw on current societal references to recreate a world where consumer culture and intergenerational relations are amplified to a point of absurdity. Sport, education, family, travel, work, brands and logos, are all subjects stretched and exploited by the artists.
For their sculptures and installations, the artists assemble a myriad of elements found in popular shops, malls, hardware and department stores. They act according to a protocol that considers how consumer goods are organized and valorized on the shelves. In turn they reassemble these different elements (tools, building materials, decorative objects, clothing ...), to produce evocative forms with a precarious balance as demonstrated in Little Transactive Hippie Bitch, 2012 and Free Range Bitches, 2012. With obsessive humor they deconstruct the common schemes of our ultra mediated world to produce “self portraits” marked by a feverish criticism.